I See Greatness In You by Larry Ragland is a story of abuse, devastation, rejection, and shame; but also of miraculous revelation, renewal, and rebirth. This is a story of great loss—and incredible restoration and redemption. Larry tells about five powerful words that can change a life forever: I See Greatness in You. No one had ever spoken those words into the life of Larry Ragland, leading him to spend his entire existence believing the opposite was true. But the moment he heard those words, everything changed. For the first time in his life, something deep within him was released. Those five words ignited the secret potential within him that had been crushed and buried.


In I See Greatness In You, readers will discover that the same potential is within them as well. It’s in us all, but only a few ever see it. Larry takes the reader on a journey to finding their personal greatness. His unique style weaves his experiences into the lives of some of the most famous Bible characters, helping you to connect with them and see that they had to find their way to greatness, too.

I See Greatness In You (Signed Edition)

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