I See Greatness In You

It is my desire and prayer that the message of my book, "I See Greatness In You" will touch and change millions of lives around the world.

There is no greater avenue to reach the masses than film and streaming media.

This page includes the "Treatment" and "Synopsis" of the book. It also includes a "sizzle reel" professionally produced highlighting three very powerful and gripping scenes from the book, as well as a link to a completed screenplay.

I See Greatness In You - Treatment



One man’s tragic journey, forged from a childhood of severe mental and physical abuse; and how five simple words – “I See Greatness In You” - miraculously changed the way he saw himself and the world around him.





This is a TRUE STORY of great loss and incredible restoration and redemption.


Larry was raised by a father that was abusive, controlling, and a master manipulator of emotions. He was constantly being told he was a failure and would never amount to anything in life.


On one occasion when his mother was threatening to finally leave, Larry’s dad loaded a double-barrel shotgun in front of him and placed both barrels in his own mouth. He then placed the young boy’s finger on the trigger and yelled, “Shoot me, boy! Pull the trigger. You might as well kill me now. If you leave with your mother, I will do it myself. Either way, you killed me.” This is only one gripping moment from his childhood included in the book.


After another horrific event where his father threatened him and his mother, Larry screamed out in anguish, “I hate that man. I wish he wasn’t my father!” At that moment, his mother said, “He’s not.” Larry kept that secret throughout his entire teen years. He longed to meet his real dad one day but had no idea how to find him.


In one of the most unbelievable ways to find your biological father ever written, without any search, he found his real father. It was short-lived as he was crushed and abandoned by him as well. Now crushed by two fathers. This began the spiral.


His life was set. He was bound to be a statistic. He would probably be addicted to something, or in jail, or even dead. He did not care about his life.


That is until a young teenage girl spoke five words into his life that would change everything forever.


As he is systematically exposed to be a liar and fraud before her eyes, he knew it was over. In his shame, Larry begs Sandy to leave and find someone else. He knows this will not end well. In his mind, he knows he has become everything his father said he would be. Sandy says, “I’m not leaving!” Larry replies “Why? Why would you stay with someone like me?” She responds, “Because, when I look at you, ‘I See Greatness in You!” Those five words ignited something in him he didn’t think would ever be possible for him - hope.


But the pain and loss continued to follow Larry through most of the years to come. Even though his future was changed that day, the deep-rooted scars of this childhood would follow him and Sandy through most of their life.


From a sickness that almost brought death, to their house burning, and ultimately their marriage about to end. It would take another great tragedy to finally bring Larry to a place of humility and life change.


The rest of the story is miracle after miracle of how God has used those simple words to lead everything Larry and Sandy do and have done. Lives all around the world have been changed and impacted to believe there is GREATNESS inside them as well.

“I See Greatness In You” is a story of pain, loss, redemption, and ultimately hope. It will inspire and help the wounded see what is truly possible when they see the greatness already within them. The DNA of that greatness comes from their creator. But we all need someone to see it in us.

The screenplay is on the USB drive included with the folder you were given.


Larry Ragland

Author of "I See Greatness In You"


Sizzle Reel (6:33)